Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Low-Carb Blog?

Here we go - another low carb blog. Why? Because I'm fed up with the misinformation, incomplete facts, distortions, & misinterpretations I see and read in the media about diet, nutrition, obesity, & diabetes on a daily basis. It has become an irresponsible and unethical sport.  People are victimized, the science is shoddy, policy-makers are hoodwinked, corporations run a scam, physicians are confused, and the health of nations have never been worse. This is just one more blog to poke, prod, prick, and mock the so-called authorities of health and nutrition who have fed us lies, deceit, and terror and, in doing so, have inflicted suffering and death to countless folks.

Recently in the Vancouver Sun newspaper's Health section  (Monday Jan. 17, 2011) SportMedBC's Dietitian Patricia Chuey offered her food and nutrition insights in order to help the readers achieve their sport and well-being goals.

The first thing she wanted to get across was that she was debunking the idea that carbs make you fat - she was adamant they they don't. To quote her - "Too many calories from any food will cause your body to produce and store excess fat." What have we seen in the last few decades, Patricia? A decrease in fat consumption (low-fat yogurt, low-fat milk, low-fat this and low-fat that) with the added carbs. And what has happened, Patricia? An epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

Oh yes, she also debunks the idea that carbs cause diabetes. What? In her own words: "Sugar and other carbohydrates do not cause diabetes. However, an excess of refined, low-fibre high sugar carbs can negatively impact blood sugar control." So Patricia, can't you link the dots?

What does Patricia want us to do with carbs? She wants us to pick "quality" carbs and make changes such as switching to whole wheat in place of white bread; whole wheat pasta should replace white pasta. Hey Patricia, a carb is a carb and a carb in the bloodstream is glucose. Don't call it "blood sugar" -  it isn't. It is glucose. Sugar is in the pantry or on a teaspoon. Excess insulin is at the heart of diabetes (type two - the recent epidemic type). Insulin provides escort service for glucose and fills the cells with it until the day those cells put up a resistance - like "not in my backyard." The overload of glucose draws an excess of insulin. Then you are in trouble. The insulin scrapes the endothelial cell linings of arterial walls and leads to further damage - clots, blockages and so on. Soon you crave more carbs and the vicious cycle becomes permanent. At some time the pancreas crashes, like an overused computer. Then you need insulin as in Type One.

Chuey believes that "diabetes is a complex condition with many genetic and environmental contributors." So Patricia, why do the good doctors offer us insulin as a remedy? Which is stupid anyway - just remove carbs from the diet - hey, it's free. And they are not tweaking our genes or sending us to sunny Florida as a cure. But maybe you think they should.

Well Patricia, let's give Dr. Andrew Weil the final word. In commenting on Gary Taubes' book Good Calories, Bad Calories on Larry King Live (Oct. 19, 2007) he says that the book is full of big ideas, such that "there is absolutely no scientific evidence for the belief that fat is the driver of obesity.... its (sic) carbohydrate which is central to this process ... in which insulin is a central player ... that overeating and under activity are not causes of obesity." (transcript from Alan L. Watson, Cereal Killer: The Unintended Consequences of the Low Fat Diet).

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